Matthew & Mary Lovein
Big Island of Hawaii
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Chameleons in the Garden book
The Loveins
create artwork in their studios and offices in various diverse mediums, individually and collaboratively, always surprising themselves with new ventures and adventures. Even though they are great-grandparents, they donít seem to be slowing down  since opening Holualoa Gallery January 1, 1990.
Living on the slope of Hualalai Mountain, overlooking Konaís coastline, Matthew and Mary Lovein live and work in the heart of a coffee farming and art community, rich with culture and history.  Their plantation style home on the hillside has a feeling of serenity and light, with its cathedral ceilings and its many scenery filled windows. There is art everywhere, their own and their collections, inside and outside.  The sound of a water feature on the property is inspirational and conducive to an artistís lifestyle.
Bio, Art,
Ceramics, Glass, Metal, Sculptures
Original Design & Concept
by Matthew Lovein
Video Producers
Large Ceramic Art Vessels by
Matthew & Mary Lovein
  • Art to Art by Mary Lovein
    inspired by Matthew Lovein
    glass art.
    Holualoa Gallery
    PO Box 773, Holualoa HI 96725
    808 322 8484

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