November 13th, 2004
A memorable day

A visit to  Hokukano Ranch located on the Big Island of Hawaii.
It is 23,000 acres, owned by the Pace family.
 It was like going on a Safari in a beautiful place with a great group of people.
At the ranch, we were shown bison, lamas, horses running free, watusi longhorns, cattle and wild boar.
Afterwards, we all were treated to a family style lunch at the Manago Hotel.
Mike, the photographer, took some pictures for
the official website that he is creating for the Ranch.
He was fast enough to get some photos of the wild boar, we didn't, but
Here are some of the pictures we took today.
Bison Herd
                Tom Pace                 Shawna and Sean Pace

           Matt Lovein and bison

  Cameron poses with bison




              Dr. Wayne and Belgian horses                        The Watusi are coming!
                    Watusi locking horns
                                 Watusi family
Pua and Noa Butch


     Dr. Wayne and the lamas  
Mary Lovein taking pictures


Hokukano Ranch
 (808) 323-2299



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